Teen Choice Awards

I love that the fashion at the Teen Choice Awards is so unpretentious compared to the larger scale awards. Kids get to dress like kids and adults get a chance to lay off the feathers and tulle for one night.

I’ve picked some of my favourites from the red carpet

Serena Van Der Woodsen Blake Lively

Selena Gomez
Ok I lied about the ‘kids dressing like kids’ thing. But she looks so amazing.

Avril Lavigne
What a shock, she’s wearing black. But I guess this is her colour, because she’s definitely pulling it off.

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner
I also happened to lie about the feathers and tulle – but it’s the Kardashians so I’m ok with that.

Zoe Saldana

And for the people I didn’t like…

Elizabeth Banks
This looks a little cheap and way too ‘matchy matchy’ with her lipstick. Not a fan.

Taylor Swift
Definitely feeling a 90s prom vibe here

Tyra Banks
I think your time may have passed, Tyra. This isn’t as fierce as you think it is.

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