Vogue, what were you thinking?

Thylane Loubry Blondeau, a 10-year-old model with a sultry stare beyond her years, posed for French Vogue in its last issue.
Wearing make up, heels and haute couture, Thylane looks nothing like a typical pre-teen. Inevitably, her grown-up beauty will give other young girls unhealthy ideas about how they should look.
This is definitely not edgy, nor is it art – it’s completely inappropriate and a little pathetic. Has the world not come to the conclusion that the sexulisation of young girls is a bad thing?

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3 thoughts on “Vogue, what were you thinking?

  1. true. young generation should always be treasured because they are the future,

    –jena http://fashiondiy101.wordpress.com/

  2. Idk. I honestly don’t think Vogue were trying to exploit this girl. Why would they want to sexualize a 10-year-old girl intentionally.They’re probably so used to this lifestyle that when they transcend it to kids, they don’t even realize the image they pushed upon them and didn’t think about how they’re audience was going to take it. It actually kind of reminds me of kids who like to put on their mothers makeup. Only instead of showing the adorable innocent smudge marks smeared on their face, they portrayed them as models, who tend to always look sexy. I’m not saying what they did was right. I’m just saying that sex is so regular in society, Vogue didn’t even realize that they took it too far.

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