India: Je Che Aa Che (This is what it is)

Since I was a little girl, my parents and I have travelled to India every year to see our family. I absolutely hated it. The thought of going to a country where men spat on the dirt roads, the women would wear ugly sarees and the children always looked so filthy was completely unappealing to me. I was so accustomed to my pretty school uniform, with my pretty house and my pretty life. I would stay put in my grandma’s house where she would give me Nutella and Milo, rather than going to a Thali restaurant and eating with my hands.
It took me a long time to realise that the reason I hated India so much was because I felt like an outcast here. No one was bullying me and no one would make racist jokes, but I could see that my skin colour was different and that my parents spoke differently to everyone else. It made me angry when my mum would pronounce words incorrectly or when my dad would only play Indian music in the car trips to school. It was at this time, about eight years ago, when my mum sat me down and said “This is who you are. You’re skin colour will never change and you’re parents will never change. Je Che Aa Che. Just accept it and you’ll be a happier girl.”
I’m not sure if that’s the talk that sparked it, but needless to say, I started to become much more self assured. I was different and I started to like it.
Every year after that, on our trips to India, I slowly began to love the place. I started to love the bright sarees and the children playing cricket. The colours and the emotion of the place amaze me.
Only recently, I bought my own SLR and have been able to take photos of what I see in India. There’s definitely beauty on those dirt roads.

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2 thoughts on “India: Je Che Aa Che (This is what it is)

  1. Very well written, Annie. AND very true indeed. This should be an eye-opener for many who have been in similar situations. And, by the way, the photos are magnificent. Cheers.

  2. I really enjoyed the je che aa che. We, as a family have so many qualities to be proud of, we would not want to try and be someone else. The photography is amazing.

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